Get and Set sucks!

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Abstract In this post (provocative title :-)) I want to talk a little bit about the habit of (ab)using the (get and set) accessors in Object Oriented languages. I’ll try, step by step, from the OO definition through the end define why it is bad and what we can do to avoid this. OO Definition […]

Fast Charging

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Why fast charging makes your batteries age more quickly! Fast charging cycles make batteries age more quickly


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  Merita di essere condivisa, mi ci ritrovo in pieno .. uno dei motivi per cui sono emigrato! <Che le cose siano così, non vuol dire che debbano andare così. Solo che, quando si tratta di rimboccarsi le maniche e incominciare a cambiare, vi è un prezzo da pagare, ed è allora che la stragrande […]

Problem-Solving culture

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One of the greatest post I ever read! One of the main issue of some team and individuals is looking at the problem (“how did we get here”,  “who is responsible for that”, etc …). There is just one way to succeed and is looking at the solution(s) instead and keep the lesson learned for the retrospective. Retrospective […]

Do you know Mars-One?

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  “Mars One will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Crews of four will depart every two years, starting in 2024. Our first unmanned mission will be launched in 2018“, this and much more info on the mars-one web site. What’s Mars-One? Mars One is a not-for-profit foundation that will establish a permanent human settlement […]

OpenSSL bug – and why you should log off from facebook!! –

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  In this post I’m talking about the bug recently discovered on OpenSSL and why is so important. WHAT IS SSL (and TLS): SSL (Secure Sockets Layerv2/3) and its replacement, TLS (Transport Layer Security), are cryptography protocol which  provide communication security over the Internet. In a Client-Server communication they provide a “secure” communication through 1) authentication […]

Hot interview questions: 02 – Stack Unwinding

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Stack unwinding is strictly related to exceptions. Let’s consider the following example: in this example, in the div method, we see that when the divisor is zero an exception is raised. Different things happen here: In the div’s caller once the exception is cached the destructor of every (automatic) object (i.e.: allocated on the stack) is […]

Solutions_01: Online Video&Subtitle

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  How many times happened to you to watch a movie on the net (YouTube or other streaming channels) but without subtitles? well, I’d like to present a simple solution that will allow you to overcame this problem. First, what’s a subtitle? a subtitle is a text file (.srt) containing basically two info: 1) a […]


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  Great GIT tutorial! enjoy!

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  Un ottimo articolo che spiega perché il Giappone a fronte di un rapporto debito/pil del 236% (quello italiano era 127.05% nel 2012) puó permettersi di aumentare la spesa pubblia e di tagli neanche l’ombra! Magari un giorno la smetteremo di dire che anche noi dovremmo tornare alla lira e stampare moneta! il debito del […]