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How many times happened to you to watch a movie on the net (YouTube or other streaming channels) but without subtitles? well, I’d like to present a simple solution that will allow you to overcame this problem.

First, what’s a subtitle? a subtitle is a text file (.srt) containing basically two info: 1) a sentence and a time-tag. During the movie the video player will basically show the sentence on screen at a certain time. Pretty simple! below an example:

here, for example in the range of about two seconds the video player will show the sentence “If this conversation concerns what is factual”, that’s all.

just fyi, that sentence came from 12 years a slave 🙂

Now it’s clear that if you’re watching a movie on YouTube  you might not have the subtitles (and 90% of the movies don’t) so what can we do?

well, using a tool that will show you (just) the subtitle 🙂  there’re a bunch of that software but I (successfully) tried GreenFish subtitle player (just google it and download). Pretty easy to use, it looks like the picture below:

so what you have to do is:

  1. download the subtitle from the net, just google your movie + subtitle and download it.
  2. get ready to watch the movie (through YouTube, online streaming channel, etc..).
  3. Open greenfish as well.
  4. sync the movie with the first sentence of the subtitle on green fish (this is a manual activity, but pretty easy to accomplish).

that’s all! enjoy 🙂


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