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On 7th december 2010 google annunced to start the test of google chrome os, the operating systems based on google chrome web browser. This os is addressed to those persons that use a pc (netbook or notebook) for internet intensive use and a core concept is that nothing is stored in your pc, this means intensive use of cloud services (e.g. email). It is based on : linux kernel and google chrome os and the promises (fulfilled) is to build up the system in a few seconds (45 or less) and i suggest to see this video in order to understand why; moreover I suggest to take a look at this video that explain why chrome os is useful. You can find a software architectural overview at this page.
From technical point of view being based on linux it has a monolitic kernel architecture based on linux and runs on X86 and ARM platform. Being based on linux it support several file systems type (ext3, ext4 primarily but with a possibility to support – thanks to vfs, software interface – other file systems), memory management with segmentation and paging. I’m a strong google fans but this time seems that they have “reinvented the weel”. Today the market is splitted to 2 or three segment (to simplify) : smartphone, tablet, netbook and notebook and PC. The smartphone and tablet market, always from OS point pf view, are dominated by iOs and Android (even based on linux and sponsored by google). The netbook, notebook and PC market are dominated by Window, Linux and Mac OS X. Where will they install google chrome os ? In fact “Android and Chrome OS ‘will likely converge over time” as Sergey Brin said. We’ll look about this. In the meantime I’ll spend this christmas time with my children 🙂 (and try google chrome os by night).


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