OpenSSL bug – and why you should log off from facebook!! –

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  In this post I’m talking about the bug recently discovered on OpenSSL and why is so important. WHAT IS SSL (and TLS): SSL (Secure Sockets Layerv2/3) and its replacement, TLS (Transport Layer Security), are cryptography protocol which  provide communication security over the Internet. In a Client-Server communication they provide a “secure” communication through 1) authentication … Read More

Hot interview questions: 02 – Stack Unwinding

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Stack unwinding is strictly related to exceptions. Let’s consider the following example: in this example, in the div method, we see that when the divisor is zero an exception is raised. Different things happen here: In the div’s caller once the exception is cached the destructor of every (automatic) object (i.e.: allocated on the stack) is … Read More

Hot interview questions: 01 – Stack Overflow

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  There are some topic that a software engineer has to master, like what is a stack overflow, stack unwinding, how does memory works, difference between throughput and latency and so on. So as of today I’ll write one post for every “hot interview questions”, starting from what a stack overflow is!. Automatic memory First … Read More

The new life of C++

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  The GCC is moving towards C++ 🙂 GCC now uses C++ as its implementation language (from version 4.8). In the below link the release note. This just confirm what I wrote in one of my previous posts. Furthermore in the next months/years we’ll see a lot of open source projects ported on C++. It´s just … Read More

The new C++ standard

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Venerdì 25 marzo e’ stato approvato dal comitato tecnico ISO per il C++ la bozza di standard C++0x che presumibilmente verra’ identificato da C++11 e sostituirà lo std attuale C++98. La pubblicazione avverra’ probabilmente entro questa estate. Parecchie le novità in questo standard dal multithreading (novità mooolto interessante) alla keyword auto a qualche supporto in … Read More