OpenSSL bug – and why you should log off from facebook!! –

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  In this post I’m talking about the bug recently discovered on OpenSSL and why is so important. WHAT IS SSL (and TLS): SSL (Secure Sockets Layerv2/3) and its replacement, TLS (Transport Layer Security), are cryptography protocol which  provide communication security over the Internet. In a Client-Server communication they provide a “secure” communication through 1) authentication … Read More

Hot interview questions: 02 – Stack Unwinding

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Stack unwinding is strictly related to exceptions. Let’s consider the following example: in this example, in the div method, we see that when the divisor is zero an exception is raised. Different things happen here: In the div’s caller once the exception is cached the destructor of every (automatic) object (i.e.: allocated on the stack) is … Read More


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  Great GIT tutorial! enjoy!

64 bit Porting

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  Finally I got time to translate “Porting applicazioni a 64 bit” to English. Based on my expertise I’d like to post this article as I think this is a real tricky topic. With 64 bit processors (and then the 64 bit OS) is needed to port applications to 64 bit to take advantages of … Read More

What’s happened to chrome!

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  When Chrome has been rolled out was the faster browser available at that time. I was really excited about that because I like excellence and chrome represented excellence (in detail V8 -the JScript engine- and WebKit -the layout engine-) . Some months ago I started noticing that my browsing experience with chrome was not … Read More

Distribution pattern

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Distribution is an important aspect of architecture. An architecture identify the components of a system and relations between them, so distribution indicate components (in general sense) that exist in multiple address space (e.g..: components of a system distribuited on a network). There are two kind of distribution Symmetric and Asymmetric. Asymmetric distribution means that the … Read More


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Today has been published the new c++11 standard by iso web site :

Joel on software

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I’d like to post an interesting article of Joel Spolsky ( about a system for measuring how good a software team is. Well, I think that, although he says that it is an esoteric system, It’s a really good point to start in order to evalualte a team. I’m impressioned from the fact that company … Read More