Get and Set sucks!

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Abstract In this post (provocative title :-)) I want to talk a little bit about the habit of (ab)using the (get and set) accessors in Object Oriented languages. I’ll try, step by step, from the OO definition through the end define why it is bad and what we can do to avoid this. OO Definition […]

OpenSSL bug – and why you should log off from facebook!! –

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  In this post I’m talking about the bug recently discovered on OpenSSL and why is so important. WHAT IS SSL (and TLS): SSL (Secure Sockets Layerv2/3) and its replacement, TLS (Transport Layer Security), are cryptography protocol which  provide communication security over the Internet. In a Client-Server communication they provide a “secure” communication through 1) authentication […]

Hot interview questions: 02 – Stack Unwinding

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Stack unwinding is strictly related to exceptions. Let’s consider the following example: in this example, in the div method, we see that when the divisor is zero an exception is raised. Different things happen here: In the div’s caller once the exception is cached the destructor of every (automatic) object (i.e.: allocated on the stack) is […]


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  Great GIT tutorial! enjoy!

64 bit Porting

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  Finally I got time to translate “Porting applicazioni a 64 bit” to English. Based on my expertise I’d like to post this article as I think this is a real tricky topic. With 64 bit processors (and then the 64 bit OS) is needed to port applications to 64 bit to take advantages of […]

What’s happened to chrome!

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  When Chrome has been rolled out was the faster browser available at that time. I was really excited about that because I like excellence and chrome represented excellence (in detail V8 -the JScript engine- and WebKit -the layout engine-) . Some months ago I started noticing that my browsing experience with chrome was not […]

Distribution pattern

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Distribution is an important aspect of architecture. An architecture identify the components of a system and relations between them, so distribution indicate components (in general sense) that exist in multiple address space (e.g..: components of a system distribuited on a network). There are two kind of distribution Symmetric and Asymmetric. Asymmetric distribution means that the […]


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Today has been published the new c++11 standard by iso web site :

Joel on software

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I’d like to post an interesting article of Joel Spolsky ( about a system for measuring how good a software team is. Well, I think that, although he says that it is an esoteric system, It’s a really good point to start in order to evalualte a team. I’m impressioned from the fact that company […]