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  Un ottimo articolo che spiega perché il Giappone a fronte di un rapporto debito/pil del 236% (quello italiano era 127.05% nel 2012) puó permettersi di aumentare la spesa pubblia e di tagli neanche l’ombra! Magari un giorno la smetteremo di dire che anche noi dovremmo tornare alla lira e stampare moneta! il debito del … Read More

Hot interview questions: 01 – Stack Overflow

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  There are some topic that a software engineer has to master, like what is a stack overflow, stack unwinding, how does memory works, difference between throughput and latency and so on. So as of today I’ll write one post for every “hot interview questions”, starting from what a stack overflow is!. Automatic memory First … Read More


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  Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind. Dale Carnegie

64 bit Porting

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  Finally I got time to translate “Porting applicazioni a 64 bit” to English. Based on my expertise I’d like to post this article as I think this is a real tricky topic. With 64 bit processors (and then the 64 bit OS) is needed to port applications to 64 bit to take advantages of … Read More

Steve Jobs on Passion

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  You need a lot of passion for what you’re doing because it is so hard. Without passion, any rational person would give up.So if you’re not having fun doing it, if you don’t absolutely love it,you’re going to give up. And that’s what happens to most people, actually. If you look at the ones … Read More

What’s happened to chrome!

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  When Chrome has been rolled out was the faster browser available at that time. I was really excited about that because I like excellence and chrome represented excellence (in detail V8 -the JScript engine- and WebKit -the layout engine-) . Some months ago I started noticing that my browsing experience with chrome was not … Read More

Leader and Manager

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  Don’t waste your time reading tons of books about leaders and managers! just read the right one (enlightening):Bennis and Nanus 1985, p. 21 Bennis believes that “Managers do things right but leaders do the right things”.

Super powered batteries

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  Many time smaller and many time more powerful then commercial batteries.This seems to be the conclusions of some researchers from Illinois university ( Indeed the weakest point of the modern smartphone is the battery life! they offer everything you need but in case of intensive It goes down really fast and we all know that … Read More

The new life of C++

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  The GCC is moving towards C++ 🙂 GCC now uses C++ as its implementation language (from version 4.8). In the below link the release note. This just confirm what I wrote in one of my previous posts. Furthermore in the next months/years we’ll see a lot of open source projects ported on C++. It´s just … Read More